The implementation of a HACCP-based food safety management system (FSMS) is internationally agreed as the most effective business intervention to protect the public from food borne disease. ADFCA has issued new legislation (Regulation 6, 2010) to require such systems in all food businesses in the Emirate.


Regulation 6 (2010). Food Safety Management Requirements

Article (99)

The food business operator is required to ensure the proper implementation of Good Hygienic Practices and ensure the effective implementation of traceability in accordance with regulation pertaining to food traceability and recall issued by the Authority.

Article (100)

The food business operator shall develop, implement and maintain a food safety management system based on the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles.



Catering is the largest and most diverse food industry sector with well documented difficulties with the implementation of HACCP, particularly for the small and/or less developed businesses. Given the size of the catering sector (representing over 60% of the food industry), the predominance of small businesses, the lack of technical expertise and the low literacy amongst food handlers, it is acknowledged by ADFCA as a sector that will require government support to achieve regulatory compliance.

The aim of this project is to define and deliver a HACCP-based Food Safety Management System (FSMS) roadmap, including the design, development and piloted roll out of materials, tools and guidelines across the catering industry.


HACCP workshop 2011


HACCP workshop 2013
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