ADFCA hosts Al Darmaki in interactive session on change management
9/25/2017 11:00 PM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has organized an interactive session, at its main headquarters in Abu Dhabi, entitled "Change Management", to develop the skills of the authority's employees. The authority hosted the Emirati writer and poet Awad bin Hassoum Al Darmaki in the session, which attended by H.E. Rashid Mohammed Al Shariqi, Director General of ADFCA and number of its leaders and employees. The session aimed at providing the employees with the necessary skills to improve their performance and raise their capabilities.

Al Darmaki stressed that change management has become an urgent necessity of life in light of the surrounding changes that leave a remarkable impact on our life and reality.


He stressed the importance of adopting the culture of change, leadership, communication and management in the institutions due to its great importance in promoting the work of bodies, institutions and companies, as change is an important element in the success of the work.


The Emariti writer pointed out that change maker needs to the correct planning, leadership and advanced management skills, as well as having an efficient team able to achieve the desired positive change.


"Change makers must have good personal and communication skills, as well as the ability to assess and study the prevailing atmosphere and suggesting appropriate strategies for change in preparation for the decision-making step," Al Darmaki said.

Al Darmaki further indicated the stages of change process, which include replacing traditional stereotype with a new one, realizing the need for a real change to achieve success and excellence, planning, implementing the appropriate strategies, and achieving the desired change.

Through its internal activities, ADFCA seeks to motivate the sectors' employees to improve their performance, institutional mechanisms and quality of services. The authority is working on developing the abilities of the authority's employees and providing them with best management practices in delivering services.

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