ADFCA meets citizens at Abu Dhabi residential district councils
2/23/2018 11:00 PM

The Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has organized a number of awareness lectures for citizens of residential district councils (Majalis) of Al Mushrif area and Khalifa city in Abu Dhabi. The lectures were presented by Mubarak Ali Al Mansouri, Executive Director of Agriculture Affairs at ADFCA, in the presence of a number of the majalis' leaders. This came as part of ADFCA's efforts to enhance direct communication with all segments of society and define the public's needs regarding the improvement of the quality of ADFCA's services and plans to achieve well-being of the society.


ADFCA organized a lecture themed "Agriculture and Water," at the Majlis of Mohammed Salem bin Kardous Al Ameri, member of the Federal National Council, in Al Mushrif, Abu Dhabi. The session underlined the immense importance of the agricultural sustainability in enhancing national food security and the need to preserve water resources. It also highlighted the most important initiatives launched by ADFCA to improve the agricultural sector and enhance the local product's quality in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.


In addition, Al Mansouri has explained the sound practices of agriculture and irrigation. He stressed the need for using environment-friendly technologies in agricultural, which will increase the production efficiency and preserve natural resources for future generations. Moreover, he clarified the real objectives of the programs and plans developed by the wise leadership of the UAE and Abu Dhabi Government to achieve sustainability.


On the other hand, ADFCA has organized an awareness lecture themed "Sound Agricultural Practices and its Role in Achieving Sustainability," and was attended by H.E. Suhail Shaheen Al Marar, head of the council. During the lecture, Mr. Mubarak Al Mansouri explained the best agricultural practices that ensure agricultural sustainability in the emirate's farms. He stressed the importance of those practices in preserving human health and enhancing production through improving the crop quality and avoiding the losses caused by the wrong practices.


Furthermore, Al Mansouri noted the importance of using agricultural pesticides properly and avoiding pesticides that are not authorized by the competent authorities. Instead, farmers have to buy pesticides from the licensed sales outlets across the emirate.


He also indicated the need to get a technical consultation from the agricultural extension before using pesticides, as well as checking the information fixed on pesticide's label to use it in a sound and safe manner. Al Mansouri pointed out the importance of using pesticides as the last solution to control agricultural pests.


Mr. Al Mansouri answered a set of the participants' queries during the sessions. He also discussed the importance of the cooperation between ADFCA and livestock breeders to maintain and develop the livestock sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. He also praised the vital role played by farmers to enhance the authority's efforts to provide safe and healthy food to the society. Moreover, he commended their efforts aimed at protecting human and animal health through eradicating the epidemics and pests affecting livestock, particularly those that transmit from animals to humans.


For their side, the attendees hailed the authority's efforts in diversifying the cultural and awareness activities in the residential neighborhood councils. They called for re-organizing of such activities, which promote the good values of society and build bridges of communication between citizens and the government institutions.


For his side, Mr. Mubarak Al Mansouri also praised the role of the majalis' officials in hosting ADFCA's sessions. He also extended his great appreciations to the participants for their attentiveness and interaction, noting the great role played by district councils in raising the society's awareness.

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  • Last Updated On: Sep 16, 2018