ADFCA spends 936 hours for awareness since this year beginning
7/4/2017 11:00 PM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has spent 936 hours for various kinds of awareness activities that were took place during the first half of 2017. Through a total number of 130 activities covered topics on food safety, livestock and agriculture, the authority targeted school students, food handlers, and food facilities across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, as well as ADFCA's staff.


Thamer Al Qasemi, ADFCA spokesperson, stressed that the authority planned to carry out these activities to highlight its role as a control authority concerned with food safety. He added that ADFCA is seeking to execute its mission in promoting safe agricultural and food practices through comprehensive and effective programs that would cover various social segments, in addition to correcting their wrong practices and introducing them to latest information on how to handle food throughout the food chain.


Al Qasemi affirmed ADFCA looks forward to achieving excellence and leadership in all its activities, meeting the growing desire of local community institutions, especially educational ones, to host the authority's awareness programs, as well as raising awareness among various segments of the society on areas of food, agriculture and livestock, to achieve the highest standards of food safety in Abu Dhabi.

In this regard, ADFCA carried out 87 awareness activities dedicated to schools in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. These activities included several lectures covered many topics pertaining to food safety such as food hygiene and safety, food poisoning, conditions of food safety in school's lunch boxes, common diseases between human and animal, hand washing, handling and disposing of waste, and the importance of gardens.


The authority's activities also included Smart shopper campaign, simple rules for safe and efficient storage of food, as well as organising several field visits for school students to research stations and fish markets.


Likewise, ADFCA carried out 11 awareness campaigns covering Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra area, in which the authority's employees were keen to raise awareness of food traders and consumers. ADFCA's employees also distributed thousands of awareness booklets on food safety. The authority further organized over 30 lectures and internal activities for staff to raise awareness among them about several instructions related to the authority's work.


Furthermore, the authority launched awareness campaign during the holy month of Ramadan, aimed at raising awareness of the public on best food handling practices while purchasing, preparing, transporting and storing food products. It also carried out smart shopper campaign aimed to educate consumers on the safest food shopping practices and the need for reporting of any suspected products.

These activities reflects ADFCA's keenness on spreading food awareness between members and institutions of the local community, promoting food safety system in the UAE, as well as maintaining consumer safety. The authority also educates the society on best agricultural and food practices through organising effective and comprehensive awareness programs.

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