ADFCA signs fodder supply contracts with a number of local firms
1/26/2015 12:00 AM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has signed contracts with a number of UAE companies including Farmers Services Center, Al Dahra Agricultural Company, Janaan Investments and Emirates Farm for Agricultural & Livestock Production for ensuring adequate supply of high quality fodder to the agricultural sector for the next five years.

HE Dr. Mugheer Al Khaili (ADFCA Board Member & Managing Director), HE Khalifa Al Ali (Farmers Services Center Board Member & Managing Director), HE Mubarak Ali Al Mansoori (ADFCA Executive Director of Agricultural Affairs Sector), HE Mohammed Al Nueimi (ADFCA Executive Director of Corporate Services Sector), HE Khadim Al Darei (Vice Chairman – Al Dahra Agriculture), HE Mohammed Al Otaiba (Chairman – Jenaan Investments), HE Ali Helais Al Afari (Managing Director – Emirates Farm for Agricultural & Livestock Production), were present during the signing program held at ADFCA headquarters located in Mohammed Bin  Zayed City.

On this occasion, HE Dr. Mugheer Al Khaili said the decision of the signing of contracts comes in line with directives and decisions of Abu Dhabi Executive Council pertaining to fodder support to livestock farms as well as a complimentary to the strategic objectives set in the area of food security in fodder supplies, by recognizing it as a strategic commodity and by systematically managing the stock in the emirate.

"ADFCA has been always keen to offer best services to livestock farms in the emirate and the new move reflects nothing other than its commitment towards strengthening strategies of Abu Dhabi Government that underscore the private sector support to the agricultural and livestock sectors, with the focus on projecting qualified local firms to the front of investment market in the field of fodder production and that which aim to support local fodder factories in supplying different kind of products that are in demand in UAE' he continued.

He pointed that the national companies now been awarded contracts have a good track record and proved to be having potential to escalate the sector's status by providing with best varieties of hay products.

From his part, HE Khalifa Al Ali said Abu Dhabi Farmers Service Center's focus is on qualifying large number of UAE agricultural companies and on increasing the quality of their products so as to rely on them in the coming years for encountering the challenges in the sector, varying from providing world class products and competing with giants in the field in addition to fool-proofing the programs for food security.

'We hope, in partnership with the local companies, we will be able to supply ADFCA a variety of fodder items that have been scarce in the market before, but having best nutrients that ensure productivity and quality of the livestock', he added. 

"The renewal of contracts not only reflects our strong partnership relations developed during past years with ADFCA but also indicative of AlDahra's competency for and steadfastness in strengthening the mission to compliment food security, although the task is of high volume and challenging, pointed HE Khadim Al Darei in this regard.

He said, his company is providing complete solutions that guarantee continuity of supplies, increase in the product quality and excellence in management of qualified operational staff.

HE Al Otaiba expressed his gratitude towards Abu Dhabi Government represented by ADFCA for extending the contract period and recalled that the Jenaan, his company, during the last term of engagements, extensively worked to fulfill the government's aspirations which made the partnership fruitful and subsequently enabled the firm expand more in the investment in the field of fodder production and animal wealth in a number of countries.

HE Ali Helais Al Afari said Emirates Farms, ever since its inception in 2009, has played an important role in providing comprehensive strategic solutions for ensuring food security by exploring all kind of possibilities and recourses to provide wide variety of products.

He said the task is so huge but can be accomplished with the support of Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority.

While talking about the renewal of contract, Mr. Sultan Al Wehaibi, Director of Contracts and Procurements at ADFCA said, "Years long experience in the agricultural investment contracts helped us, in collaboration with national companies, develop flexible contract provisions and terms that are adaptive to the new dynamics of agricultural investment and that are complying with the government standards in this regard.

In addition to that, he continued, the contracts assures attractive returns for the companies involved while the agricultural community will enjoy uninterrupted fodder supplies with variety and in tune with the market demand.

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  • Last Updated On: Jan 27, 2015