ADFCA urges public to keep off food related rumors
5/28/2016 11:00 PM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, the official food safety vanguard of Abu Dhabi emirate, has urged public not to entertain or spread food related rumors published through social media websites, especially during the Holy Month.

The control body also requested each and every individual to contact only authorized bodies for right information regarding any food product available in the markets.

As the Holy Month of Ramadan is very near, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has intensified its activities throughout the emirate to ensure safety and quality of food products and the new statement regarding rumors is coming being part of these efforts.

Ali Yousef Al Saad, Acting Director of Communication & Community Service Division at ADFCA said: "As food rumors spread fast during Ramadan, we urge public not to entertain and simply share or forward news spread through social media channels without confirming the authenticity of the content and contacting the authorities"

"We follow a scientific system to follow up and investigate rumors spread among public and to come up with the right information to help consumers. Moreover, the official control bodies in the country are well alert of food safety issues and frequently come before public to share information about any fake or unsafe food product before it come to the markets" he said.

According to him, no food product enters to UAE markets without stringently undergoing inspections to confirm quality and fitness for human consumption.

"Products that are sub-standard or are not conforming to UAE standards would be rejected at the boarders after undergoing strict control procedures. The inspections and control are not only confined to the border checkpoints, rather it would be continued in the warehouses, markets and outlets until it reaches the end consumer" he explained.

He observed that many of the rumors are created and spread because of the misunderstandings prevailing among public.

He elaborated, "People may have seen news regarding recall or ban of a particular product in any of the country and they think the product in the same trade name available in our markets are also unfit or sub-standard which is not true in almost all instances. As control bodies like ADFCA is working closely with international networks such as INFOSAN, food safety issues happening in the international level are followed fast-track and are able to take precautionary measures easily.

He urged public to contact ADFCA by mailing to  or through its several social media channels for any food related queries, complaints or suggestions.  People can also contact Abu Dhabi Government Contact Center by calling at toll free number 800555 at any time if they need authentic information about any food related issues, he said.

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  • Last Updated On: Jun 02, 2016