Control sector holds workshop, consultative meeting with strategic stake holders
3/27/2016 11:00 PM

Control Sector at Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has organized an awareness workshop and a consultative meeting recently being part of efforts to create better communication and cooperation with various strategic stakeholders hoping for high levels of food safety as well as high quality of products and services in the food sector.

The work shop, led by officials at the Meat Establishments Control Section targeted supervisors at Farmers' Service Center and mainly focused on the concept of 'self-control activities' to be followed by food facilities and establishments. The workshop also handled other important topics such as rules, regulations, systems and procedures to be adhered during inspections, safe and healthy practices for meat supply and requirements for slaughtering, processing and transportation for frozen chicken.

Meanwhile, a consultative meeting was also held with a group of selected meat facilities which were included in the 'excellent' category in order to create opportunity to exchange ideas and share experiences in the field of development and excellence. During this, ADFCA officials interacted with the representatives of facilities and discussed about ways and methodologies to better performance so as to contribute in ADFCA's efforts to provide safe and quality products and best services for the consumers in the emirate.

It is noted that Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has a good plan and a working calendar to communicate with various stake holders through holding workshops and consultative meetings in order to ensure safety and quality of food sold and handled within the geographical boundary of Abu Dhabi Emirate.     

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  • Last Updated On: Mar 28, 2016