Avoid situations cause food contamination and poisoning: ADFCA
6/26/2016 11:00 PM

Being part of its commitment towards ensuring food safety, especially during the month of Ramadan, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has urged public to follow instructions to avoid food contamination during shopping which may lead to serious food poisoning.

According to ADFCA, Food Poisoning is a health condition that affects individuals as a result of consuming contaminated food. The symptoms of the disease appear within a few hours or days and could last for weeks.

Mainly there are two types of Food Poisoning. The first is microbial poisoning or toxins of the microbes which caused by microbial infection or toxins from the microbes. This is the most common type of food poisoning.

The second type is, according to the food control authority is Chemical Poisoning which happens when the food is contaminated by any kind of pesticides or heavy metals.

Natural poisoning could happen due to consuming natural toxins found in some marine creatures or plants such as poisonous fish.

To be safe from such poisoning, ADFCA suggests the consumer certain simple but important things. The first thing is the maintenance of general cleanliness in the shopping centers and outlets. Shopping from only outlets that give importance to cleanliness will be a safe practice for consumers. Keeping food items separated in the shopping cart will ensure contamination to an extent, ADFCA reminds consumers.  Pesticides and Detergents shouldn't let come in contact with food products, likewise, raw meat or fish should be kept in separate packets safely so as to avoid flow of fluids to other food products.

Reading food labels carefully before purchasing any product, ADFCA says, is an important thing to be taken care of during shopping. Consumer should well aware of the product he purchases in terms of the ingredients, presence of any allergens and details of production and expiry dates.

If any kind of damages are seen on vegetables or fruits, let it be natural or that caused by the insects, avoid them, asks ADFCA.

Apart from these instructions, ADFCA invites consumers' attention towards certain things to be taken care of while purchasing meat and fish. One should take extra care to ensure that meat and fish is covered well in adequate packets. Picking frozen items only in the end of shopping will be a good practice. While purchasing frozen food ensure that adequate amount of ice is there with the products and there is no sign of melting is seen.

In addition, ADFCA reminds consumers to be wise enough while purchasing frozen food in order to limit the amount considering the capacity of freezer back home.

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