ADFCA launches awareness-inspection campaign on agricultural farms in the emirate
11/21/2016 11:00 PM

With the objective of spreading the message of good agricultural practices and to raise awareness among farmers about the importance of protecting environment and health of human beings, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has started an inspection cum awareness campaign targeting agricultural farms and farmers across the emirate.

"The campaign comes being part of our efforts to ensure farm to fork safety of agricultural products across Abu Dhabi emirate" said Thamer AlQasemi, ADFCA spokesperson in this regard.

He said agricultural farms have an important role to play in increasing the production and quality of our food.

According to him ADFCA teams will visit majority of agricultural farms in the emirate in the next four days and explain the farmers how to inculcate best agricultural practices in the farms.

"How to practice wise use of water, the importance of cultivating animal feed, safe disposal of agricultural waste and ways to protect nature through best practices are the main areas our inspectors would concentrate during these inspections" AlQasemi said.

It is learnt that ADFCA inspectors are distributing leaflets related to safe disposal of waste, wise use of water and animal feed cultivation to the farmers during these visits.

So far, no violations have been registered by the inspectors.

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  • Last Updated On: Nov 23, 2016