Training Workshop on Abu Dhabi Government ERP System

Corporate Service Sector of Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has organized a training workshop for employees on how to deal with Abu Dhabi Government Enterprise Resource Planning System.

The workshop mainly targeted the employees who are with the assignment of coordinating with other departments and entities as well as those who are entering contract and purchase orders in the system.

During the workshop, a presentation was delivered explaining the scope and nature of work at purchase section as well as the main achievements the section accomplished last year. The volume of work the section carried out last year for each department was described in detail in the presentation. Purchase Plan for the current year was also presented and the officials cleared doubts raised by the participants.

The participants discussed the challenges experienced after transferring the job to the new system of Finance Department and the mechanism to tackle the problems at various levels including the end-user and departments.

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  • Last Updated On: Feb 24, 2016