ADFCA partakes in Dubai International Conference on Animal Feed /Pet Food Safety
11/15/2016 11:00 PM

Being part of its efforts to develop livestock sector and to raise awareness among strategic partners about its services and tasks, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority is partaking in the ongoing Dubai International Conference on Animal Feed/ Pet Food Safety. Organized by Dubai Municipality at Birds & Pets Market in Al Warsan, the conference will discuss about sustainability, security and safety of animal feeds and pet food and will run till Thursday.

Apart from the activities at its stand runs in the conference premise, ADFCA experts will present two papers in the technical sessions. The first of these will be presented by Eng. Saif Khalaf Al Ashkhari and will deal with laws and legislations with regards to animal feed sector in force in Abu Dhabi. The paper will shed light on Abu Dhabi experience in adopting policies and enforcing laws designed to ensure quality and safety of animal feeds in addition to the safe practices introduced among farmers to ensure sustainability of animal feed resources. Al Ashkhari will discuss in detail about the Food Safety document of Abu Dhabi as well as the Law No. 9/2013 which aims to ensure safety of animal feed by mandating certain requirements and laws to be abided throughout the chain connecting production to sales in the market. He will also explain the mechanism Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has implemented to carry out inspections and awareness dissemination among agricultural facility owners and farmers.

The second paper which will be presented by Dr. Faisal Salem Al Brakah will focus on hydroponic fodders and the new developments evolved in its nutritional aspects. He will enlighten the participants about the new challenges in this field and will share recommendations to improve the situation further. Part of his presentation will also shed light on how to care and feed livestock effectively giving thrust on the sustainability part in addition to various steps ADFCA has taken in this respect.

ADFCA stand in the conference venue will serve as a platform to interact with strategic partners and to raise awareness among public about the effective care and feeding of livestock in addition to ADFCA's services and achievements in the sector.

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  • Last Updated On: Nov 16, 2016