ADFCA carries out inspections on Ramadan tents and promotional kiosks

As part of its Ramadan special inspection program, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has conducted field visits on Ramadan tents and promotional kiosks, temporarily operating inside hotels in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

During the past two weeks ADFCA inspectors covered 24 Ramadan tents and 59 kiosks set part of promotional campaigns.

The inspections organized by the Hotels & Events Control Unit of ADFCA ended up with serving 15 warnings and 5 notices to various businesses.

The ADFCA food inspections mainly concentrated on commonly done wrong practices while handling food as well as suitability of equipment used to prepare, cook and display food items.

The list of wrong practices include preparing food outside, not maintaining required cleanliness, not keeping proper information related to expiry date of products and not exhibiting temporary activity permits properly.

Regarding the tools and equipment, the focus was on whether the businesses had maintained the temperature levels required for each type of food they displayed in additions to the preparedness to check cross-contamination.

Some businesses were found to be not maintaining the required temperature levels for hot and chilled food which is 5 Degree Celsius for chilled items and 63 Degree Celsius for hot products.

In this regard, Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi, Director General of Communication & Community Service Division said ADFCA is keen to ensure that Ramadan tents and temporary kiosks in Abu Dhabi are safe.

He said, ASDFCA inspectors will monitor the businesses now received notices and warnings in order to confirm that they correct the wrong practices which led to violations of approved law in this regard.

He warned public not to buy food items if they notice any damage in the products.

"Dial 800555 immediately to inform the authorities if you notice any wrong practices that may harm public health and safety'- he said.


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  • Last Updated On: Aug 05, 2015