ADFCA organizes workshops on agricultural practices in coordination with ICARDA
2/2/2016 11:00 PM

Development Sector at Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has recently organized two workshops focused on agricultural practices in collaboration with The International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) at Al Kuwaitat Research Station in Ai Ain.

Researchers and agriculture extension officers from Farmers' Service Center and Agricultural Affairs and Development sectors of ADFCA in addition to pest control experts from some global agencies attended the workshop, organized being part of ADFCA's efforts to upgrade agricultural scene in Abu Dhabi emirate through focusing on lead subsidies and programs to achieve sustainability.

The first workshop, focused on various agricultural practices and procedures related to vegetable farming and production, was divided in to two sessions, one of which dealt with techniques and practices in farming economically viable vegetables inside protected greenhouses and the other with farming in open fields.

While theoretical lectures focused on multiple aspects of the topic including irrigation, fertilizers application, integrated production and pest control management, participants were given hands-on training on advanced technologies used in the farming for better amount of production as well as for better quality of produce.

In the second workshop, participants were able to understand basic principles of integrated pest control management in farming of palm trees. The workshop covered various topics come in this subject such as methods for monitoring and controlling pests, designing maps and surveys, diseases affecting palm trees, eco-friendly pest control methods and how to design and analyze data, related to pests and diseases.

It is noted that the workshops were held being part of the cooperation agreement made between ADFCA and ICARDA in 2014 December, in order to enhance the possibilities in the areas of integrated date palm pest control and agricultural guidance in addition to the transfer of technologies. This project is aiming at developing and improving agricultural guidance program in Abu Dhabi, designing unified guidelines for date palm farming sector in addition to the skill building and training for trainers in the area of integrated pest control management.   

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  • Last Updated On: Feb 07, 2016