ADFCA signs agreement with Food & Agricultural Organization (FAO)
3/4/2015 11:00 PM

Abu Dhabi Food Control  Authority ( ADFCA) has signed recently an agreement of mutual co-operation with Food & Agricultural Organization in the field of use of treated water in agriculture.

The agreement aims basically at increasing the ways of cooperation between the two ends to ensure safe use of treated water in the agriculture and safety of agricultural products.

With the agreement is signed, a system will be on place to evaluate and following up the treated water use from its third phase in the agricultural fields in Abu Dhabi.

For ADFCA, HE. Rashid Al Shariqi, the Director General signed on the agreement  while Dr. David Spikers, GCC Sub Regional Office Coordinator represented the FAO. Mohammed Akhtar Bhatti, FAO Water & Soil Expert, David Kerry, Fisheries Expert and other high officials of ADFCA were present on the occasion.

After the signing of the agreement HE. Rashid Al Shariqi said: "ADFCA has been keen on exploring the ways to strengthen partnerships and mutual cooperation with global organizations working in the field of agriculture and food safety. The agreement with FAO comes in line with the strategic approach of ADFCA which aims upgrading the status of agricultural sector in the emirate with a focus on ensuring the best use of available water resources and the quality of agricultural products "

Based on the agreement, the Food & Agriculture Organization will carry out a comprehensive evaluation of data base after in-detail analysis and prepare report on the use of treated water in Abu Dhabi. Agreement gives also a focus on a quantitative and specific evaluation on the prevailing monitoring system as well as recommends a Filed Monitoring System as a mechanism to improve the situation. An environmental impact study of the prevailing agricultural use of treated water is also comes as a component of agreement provisions.

The new agreement is viewed as a new milestone in the ADFCA's continuous efforts to utilize expertise from international organizations in the bid to escalate the agricultural conditions in the emirate with the focus on sustainable environmental development and safety and quality of agricultural products.

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  • Last Updated On: Mar 05, 2015