Archived News
ADFCA Lecture on the Safety of Meat Products in Abu Dhabi
ADFCA's Awareness Session in Al Ain for Farmers and Animal Breeders
ADFCA Board Discusses Survey of Neglected Farms across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
Western Region Inspection Campaign: Near Total Compliance with Safety Rules at Meat and Fish Outlets
ADFCA Sponsors Recreation Program for Cancer-afflicted Children at Khalifa Medical City
ADFCA Researcher Wins Khalifa Award on Date Palms
Grace Period for Grocery Registration Ends on March 6
Inspection Campaign on meat Shops in Ain: Three Warnings and Destruction of 10 KG of Fish
Five Warnings and Condemnation of 36 KG of Fish during Inspections in Abu Dhabi
ADFCA Honored for its Archival System
No Horse Meat in Abu Dhabi Markets
Groceries Given Grace Period for Renovation
FAO Delegation at ADFCA
ADFCA Exhorts Picnickers to Take Food Safety Precautions
Open Day Events at Al Ain Research Station
BBC Middle East Business Report Highlights Abu Dhabi's Baqala Project
ADFCA vaccinates more than a million livestock against diseases
ADFCA Inspectors Comb Port Zayed Fruits and Vegetable Markets
Foam Cups Safe and not Carcinogenic, ADFCA Confirms
ADFCA Launches Wheat Research as Part of Food Security Initiatives
ADFCA Holds Breast Cancer Awareness Program
ADFCA's Water Conservation Initiatives Showcased at International Water Summit
ADFCA to Highlight Water Conservation Initiatives at the International Water Summit
New Retail Stores to Replace the Closed Ones
ADFCA's Nightly Inspections Result in Three Cases of Violations and 86 Warnings
Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Chairs ADFCA Board Meeting
Training Session on Risk-based Inspection System for ADFCA Inspectors
ADFCA Publication in Braille for the Benefit of Special Needs People
ADFCA Trains Farm Workers on Correct Use of Pesticides
UAE University Students Visit ADFCA Department of Artificial Insemination
Exhibitors Eye Potential Markets Through SIAL Middle East
�In Love of the UAE' Map Inaugurated at Date Palm Festival
Exhibitors Showcase the Latest Date Inspired Products at Emirates International Date Palm Festival
Chefs on show at SIAL Middle East
More Than 2500 Pupils Visit Date Palm Festival
H.H. Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan Inaugurates Sixth Annual Emirates International Date Palm Festival
ADFCA Confirms Monster Energy Drinks Compliant with Specifications
Abu Dhabi All Set to Host Emirates International Date Palm Festival
ADFCA workshop on prevention of Brucellosis in Abu Dhabi
ADFCA Urges Grocery Owners to Implement the New System before Year End
ADFCA Confirms Spanish Saffron Free From Banned Additives
ADFCA's Awareness Lecture on Food Safety
ADFCA Calls Upon Cattle Breeders to Bring in Dynamism to the Market
ADFCA Campaign on Eid Slaughter
Training Workshop on Food Traceability system and Recall procedures at ADFCA
ADFCA showcase high quality dates at �SIAL Paris�
The Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority promotes UAE dates during SIAL Paris 2012
ADFCA Observes Global Hand Washing Day
Open Day at ADFCA for Catering Unit
Catering outlet closed down by ADFCA
Emirates International Date Palm Festival to Take Place in the Last Week of November
Book Exhibition at ADFCA Attract Staff and Visitors
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority showcases Emirati dates during SIAL Paris 2012
Photography Exhibition at ADFCA Al Ain Branch
Organizing Team for Ramadan Championship Honored
Abu Dhabi markets free from contaminated peanut butter cream with Salmonella bacteria
ADFCA held Food Risk Management and Crises Workshop in Abu Dhabi
ADFCA Develops its Research Laboratories
ADFCA Wins Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award
Plenty of Opportunities for China � UAE Collaboration in Food Trade, Says ADFCA Director General
ADFCA Takes Part in China International Investment and Trade Fair and China Arab States Economic and Trade Forum
ADFCA Converts its Vehicles to Run on CNG
Ministry of Finance Delegation Visits ADFCA
Pre-Eid Food Inspections Result in 4 Charges of Violations and 7 Warnings
Emirates International Date Palm Festival to Kick off November 26 in Abu Dhabi
Photographs Taken by Staff Exhibited at ADFCA
Rigorous round of inspections on grocery stores in Musaffah Industrial Area
Workshop on HACCP for Local Restaurant Chains
Board Approves Budget for Next Year
Conference for Western Region Policy and Regulation Staff
ADFCAs� artificial insemination and embryo transfer department staff visit Tawam Hospital
ADFCA Ramadan Championships for Football Kick off
18 Violation Cases, Seven Warnings and Destruction of 728 KG of Food in Al Ruwais and Ghayathi
Conference on Occupational Safety in Slaughter Houses
Destruction of 77 KG of Foods Unfit for Consumption in Al Ain
Al Ruwais: No Deaths due to Food Poisoning, ADFCA and Health Authority Clarify
ADFCA Inspection Drive on High Risk Food Outlets in Madinat Zayed
ADFCA Holds Summer Awareness Programs
Intensive Food Inspection Ahead of Ramadan in Abu Dhabi Emirate
Chocolate Needle not Found in Abu Dhabi Markets, ADFCA Confirms
Seminar on Agriculture policy and Food Safety in Al Ain
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority stresses on the importance of not accepting animals in slaughterhouses without a health certificate
Training Sessions on Infertility and Birth Control among Camels
ADFCA Briefs Food Establishments in Al Ain on the Environment, Health and Safety System
ADFCA Honors Food Establishments for High Degree of Compliance with Rules
ADFCA Honors Retirees
Communicating with Leadership and Honoring Retirees
Workshop on Catering Food in Labor Cities
ADFCA Trains Emirates Transport Staff on Checking Food Transporting Vehicles
ADFCA�s Communication and Community Service team visit Hill+Knowlton Strategies offices in Shanghai
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority conducts research project on the physiological and pathogenesis effect of fungal feed on camels
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority highlights the importance of proper handling for veterinary medicines
Awareness Workshops for Agriculture Sector Staff at ADFCA
Income Improvement Program for Farmers Implemented Across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
UAE Dates Named Best Selling Product in SIAL China 2012
ADFCA Intensifies Awareness Drives at Slaughter Houses
ADFCA's Participation in SIAL China Boosts the Global Profile of UAE Dates
ADFCA Forum with Farm Owners on Using Treated Sewage Water in Irrigation
5th Meeting of GCC Subcommittee for Organic, Functional and Genetically Modified Foods in Abu Dhabi
The Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority promotes UAE dates internationally
ADFCA Promotes UAE Dates at SIAL China
ADFCA Replaces Locally Grown Fodder with Imported Ones
ADFCA Looks for UAE National Graduates for Employment at Al Ain Career Fair
ADFCA a Pioneer in CSR in the Public Sector
FAO Delegation Briefed on ADFCA's Agricultural Policies
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority Organizes Travel and Tourism Exhibition
ADFCA Board Approves Integrated Policy for Agriculture and Food Safety
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority participates in Hannover Messe 2012
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority participates in SIAL China
Workshop on GCC Rapid Alert System for foods
ADFCA Receives 472 Food Safety Complaints in the First Quarter of the Year
Awareness Lectures on Brucellosis
Tracking Labels Now a Must for Veterinary Drugs in Abu Dhabi
ADFCA works with stakeholders to improve food safety
Auwn's Patronage for Braille Edition of the Quran
ADFCA Awarded Certificate of Approval by the Environment Agency
Auwn Observes Down Syndrome Day
ADFCA Showcases its Services and Activities at VETME 2012
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority participates in Earth Hour
Drinking Water Withdrawn from Abu Dhabi Markets for Non-Compliance with Safety Rules
International Delegation of Scientists Visit Agricultural Research Center in Al Ain
The livestock sector organizes awareness lecture on brucellosis
Heart Check-up for Staff at ADFCA
Awareness Lectures on Food Supply to Schools in Al Ain
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority emphasizes the need to sustain the existing water storage in the emirate
Meetings at Veterinary Establishments
ADFCA Exhibition for Products by Special Needs People
ADFCA Engages the Private Sector on Draft Agricultural Policy
Zadna� Characters visit 27 schools in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain and distributes over 25,000 cartoon series
ADFCA Hosts Symposium on Agricultural Pest Management in Al Ain
The distribution of 15,000 DVD�s of the Zadna Cartoon series in Abu Dhabi
International Delegation at ADFCA to Discuss Food-Borne Diseases
ADFCA Delivers lectures at the 11th Women Conference
ADFCA's Emergency Response Plans Elucidated at International Conference
ADFCA Bags Middle East Corporate and Media Communication Excellence Award
Workshop for ADFCA Inspectors on the Groceries Project
AWEES Officials Pay Visits to Animal Farms and Disseminate Knowledge
Zadna Characters Visit Abu Dhabi Schools, Welcome Kids with Gifts at Shopping Malls
Around 4500 Visitors at the Second Agricultural Exhibition in Al Ain
Awareness Program for Veterinarians in Liwa on Brucellosis
Zadna Characters Tour ADFCA Premises
Fujariah Crown Prince at Second Agricultural Exhibition
Organic Farming a Big Presence at Agricultural Exhibition
Culture and Agriculture Coalesce in Al Ain Exhibition
Environment Agency delegation visits the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority
Sheikh Hazza Opens Second Agricultural Exhibition in Al Ain
Agricultural Exhibition to Kick off in Al Ain Tomorrow
ADFCA Issues 61 Warnings, 4 Penalties for Food Establishments
A Distinctive Presence and Diverse Services at the Camel Festival in Sweihan
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority Sponsors Championship of Challenge 3
First Aid Room at ADFCA Inaugurated
ADFCA Discusses Farming Policy with Stake Holders
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority Conducts Training course in Vegetable Grafting
ADFCA Hosts lecture on Renewed Energies
ADFCA Experts on Awareness Visit to Animal Farms in Al Tayyiba
ADFCA Unveils Abu Dhabi EHSMS Plans for the Food Sector
ADFCA Laboratories Division the first in the country to use DNA chips in food testing
ADFCA � UAE Varsity Research Project to Develop Indigenous Salinity-Resistant Animal Fodders
ADFCA Trains Trainers of Emirates Food Safety Training Program
ADFCA Inspectors Seize Contaminated Vimto from the Markets
Artificial insemination dept of ADFCA tackle more than 3000 cases last year
ADFCA Takes Part in Ghayathi Camel Festival
Fuala Resumes Operations and Reopens its Branch after Confirming Full Compliance with Rules
ADFCA Distributes to Animal Breeders Feeds with High Nutritional Value
ِِADFCA Takes Part at Camels Festival with Advanced Veterinary Services
More than 2.7 million doses Administered for Livestock Immunization in Abu Dhabi
ADFCA Scientific Committee Moots New means to enhance food safety across the Food Chain
Lecture on "Determination of the Physiological Effect of Endophyte infected tall Fescue Hay on Camels in the Middle East"
Fuala Trading Company in Capital Closed down for Food Safety Violations
ADFCA's Won Regional and Global Recognition: Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed
All Groceries in Abu Dhabi Metropolitan Area to Implement New Rules within Next Year
ADFCA Employees Take Part in Arab Hygiene Campaign 2011
AED 1.3 Billion Deals Concluded at SIAL Middle East 2011
Planting a Greener Future at Emirates International Date Palm Festival
Exclusive range of modern food equipment, showcased during SIAL Middle East
Emirates International Date Palm Festival Enthralls Visitors
Sixty Nine Per Cent Increase in the Number of Trade Visitors at SIAL Middle East on Day One
His Highness Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan Opens Emirates International Date Palm Festival 2011
Date Trees Planted at Emirates International Date Palm Festival to be Dedicated to UAE President
ADFCA Strategies Integrally Linked to Abu Dhabi's Vision for the Future, Says the Authority's Spokesperson
Awareness Lecture for Al Manhal School
ADFCA Team in UAE's Official Hajj Delegation This Year
Abu Dhabi Markets Free from Contaminated Italian Olive
Awareness Lecture and Field Visit by ADFCA for Girl Students
�How to feed nine billion people� among worldwide issues outlined at SIAL Middle East 2011 Conference
Lecture on the Ill-effects of Smoking at ADFCA
ADFCA Meets Stakeholders on Improving Food Safety in Catering Industry
ADFCA Board Approved Program for Fighting Pests in Date Palms
Ras Al Khaima Municipality Delegation at ADFCA
Seminar in Al Ain on Veterinary Medicines
Laboratories Division Sends 18 Vet. Staff for Technical Training
ADFCA Surveys Commercial Farms in the Emirate
ADFCA Surveys Commercial Farms in the Emirate
Veterinary Centre at Al Wafiya Begins Services
ADFCA Launches Media Policy to Streamline Communication Management
Contaminated Melons not Imported to the UAE: ADFCA
ADFCA Reaches out to Remote Areas with Awareness Campaigns
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority launches Campaigns for Livestock Immunization
AWES Section of ADFCA organizes meeting with livestock owners in the Western Region
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, Farmers Service Center Unveil Large Scale Agriculture Campaign
AWES Section Organized the 1st meeting with Private Sector Veterinarians in Al Ain
Animal welfare a pioneering Islamic practice: AWES Section Organizes the 6th session of "My Services are Unique"
Local Vegetables and Fruits Compliant with Pesticide Residue Regulations
ADFCA Allows Chili's to Reopen
Lecture on a Culture of Food Safety
ADFCA's Licenses for Participation in Exhibitions for Food Outlets Free and on the Spot from Now on
Lecture on 'Healthy Kitchen and Family Well Being'
ADFCA Campaign in Al Ain: 23 warnings and Three Cases against Food Safety Violations
ADFCA Rolls-out Second Food Safety Campaign
ADFCA Raising Awarness on Best Shopping Practices
AWES Section Meets With the Veterinarians of the Private Sector
ADFCA Launches Smart Shopper Campaign
ADFCA organizes Summer Diseases Prevention Campaign
Food Inspection Campaigns on Large Scale in Abu Dhabi Prior to Ramadan
A Delegation from ADFCA checks the workflow in Al Mushrif Fresh Market
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority Certifies School Canteen Guide for School Canteens
ADFCA will not close groceries if they implement the new requirements and standards
Sheikh Mansour Visits ADFCA�s Stand at Liwa Date Festival
ADFCA Participates at Liwa Annual Date Festival
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority organized an open meeting with livestock breeders in Sweihan
Dubai Municipality overviews the work systems in ADFCA�s laboratories
Contracts and Procurements representatives from ADFCA visit GASCO
ADFCA Organizes Seminar on Perfect Balance of Animal Food
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority Supports Graduation Projects
ADFCA Interacts with Grocery Owners on New Standards for Retail Sector
Blood Donation Campaign at ADFCA
ADFCA to Hold Two-day Public Event on New Standards for Retail Sector
Awareness Session for Pest Control Workers on Getting Rid of Ectoparasites at Farms
EFST New Photographic Exam Summary for Web-Site
Additional services to facilitate documentation of livestock movement for breeders
ADFCA Inks MoU with World Vegetable Centre
ADFCA Animal Identification and Registration System Campaign to compete at Cannes Lions Festival
ADFCA Inspectors Detain 33 Vehicles for Transporting Foods in Violation of Rules
ADFCA Uses Latest Techniques and Devices to Check Malpractices at Meat Shops and Butcheries
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority Participates at Agriculture Marketing and Rural Development Workshop in Taiwan
ADFCA Bags Palladium Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame
ADFCA Meets Americana Officials as Part of Food Safety Drive
ADFCA Closes down Chilis Restaurant for Food Safety Violations
ADFCA's New Policy Document for Agriculture and Food Safety under Preparation
Vegetables in Abu Dhabi Markets Free From E-Coli, ADFCA Assures
ADFCA's New Policy Document for Agriculture and Food Safety under Preparation
ADFCA Holds Travel Fair for Staff
ADFCA Closes down Al Ibrahimi Restaurant in the Capital for Food Safety Violations
Al Ain Municipality Officials Visit ADFCA
Ajman Municipality Delegation at ADFCA
ADFCA Closes Down Unlicensed and Unhygienic Food Outlet Serving Laborers
ADFCA Intensifies Inspections across the Emirate
Handicrafts Exhibition at ADFCA
Emirates International Date Palm Festival in Abu Dhabi to Begin on November 21
Around 846000 meals per day served for workers in labor cities
Disbursal of Government Grants for Abu Dhabi Farmers to Begin on August 1
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority launches agriculture a campaigns in Abu Dhab
BBC Highlights Abu Dhabi's Farming Sector
SIAL Middle East 2011 to Take Place in November
ADFCA Participates in Al Ain Education and Career Fair
Abu Dhabi Mulls Comprehensive Improvement Plan for Groceries
New Types of High Quality Hay to be Made Available by ADFCA from Next Week
Restaurant in Capital Closed down for Food Safety Violations
UAE Ambassador to Germany Visits ADFCA Stall at Hannover Messe
ADFCA Solicits Global Know-How and Investments at Hannover Messe
ADFCA Participates at Hannover Messe, Leading Industrial Technology Fair in Germany
ADFCA closes down Al Jaber Group's catering unit that caused food poisoning to workers
His Highness Sheikh Tahnoun Bin Mohamed visits ADFCA's tent at Al Wathba Camel Festival
No Alcohol content in drinks sold in Abu Dhabi markets
ADFCA Takes Part in Global Food Safety Conference
ADFCA a Global Pioneer in the Implementation of Topnotch Integrated Management System, Says BSI
ADFCA Holds Exhibition of Products by Special Needs People
Food Control Authority and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority Ink Deal on Cyber Security
Hospital Canteens in the Capital Register Improvement in Food Safety
ADFCA Calls up on the Market to Promote Local Vegetables and Fruits
ADFCA Holds Workshop on Global Good Agricultural Practices
Bid to implement better farming practices
ADFCA unveils its strategic Plan 2011 - 2015
ADFCA animal tagging helps to monitor animal health
Global Food Safety Meeting Kicks Off in the Capital
Three-Day Global Food Safety Meeting concludes in the Capital
DG Commends Staff on SIAL Success
Gulf News Coverage of SIAL and Date Festival
Gulf Today Coverage of SIAL and Date Palm Festival
Khaleej Times on SIAL and Date Palm Festival
Coverage of SIAL in the National Newspaper
ADFCA to Continue Efforts for Developing Innovative Implementation Tools for Food Safety
ADFCA Intensifies Food Inspections in the Western Region
Following Success of its Blackberry Service, ADFCA's Launches Facebook and Twitter Pages
Rumors on the Ban of Seven up Baseless, ADFCA Clarifies
Recalled Infant Formulas not Found in Abu Dhabi Markets, ADFCA Assures
Intensified Inspections by ADFCA in the Western Region
ADFCA Kicks off the Second Annual Vaccination Campaign against diseases in Food animals
ADFCA Raid Unearths Huge Amounts of Expired Veterinary Drugs in a Pharmacy in the Capital
DG Honors ADFCA Foot Ball Team
Contaminated American Eggs not Found in UAE Markets
ADFCA-Held Food Safety Exhibition Opens at Khalidiya Mall
ADFCA Plans Phasing out of Water-Intensive Crops
Junk food off school menu
No compromise on food safety
ADFCA Staff Visit Childrens' Cancer Ward at Tawam Hospital
High degree of food safety in Abu Dhabi
10 طلاب من عُمان في البرنامج الصيفي لجهاز أبوظبي للرقابة الغذائية
Mohammed Bin Zayed reshuffles ADFCA's board
ADFCA Intensifies Pre-Ramadan Food Inspection Campaign in Abu Dhabi
Inspectors Deputed to Confirm Compliance with Halal Rules of Animal Slaughter
Animal Feed in Abu Dhabi Reach the Farmers after Stringent Quality Tests, ADFCA Says
ADFCA Warns Small Groceries against Cutting Power during the Summer
ADFCA's Closure of Four Eateries in Abu Dhabi
ADFCA's Fruitful Participation at Liwa Date Festival
ADFCA Confirms Safety of Kellogg's Products in Abu Dhabi Markets
Farmers' Service Centre and Biosaline Agriculture Ink Deal for Saline Water Irrigation
ADFCA signs MoU with Ireland Food Safety Authority to Strengthen Food Safety Knowledge sharing
Current Food and Agricultural Regulations May Need Reevaluation in light of Developments in Nanotechnology, Experts Argue
Exclusive Travel Fair for ADFCA Employees
ADFCA Closed Down 17 Food Outlets in 2010 for Flouting Rules
Intensive Food Inspections Increase Levels of Compliance
ADFCA Seminar on Slaughterhouses and Community Health Recommends Stringent Safety Measures
Initiative in Al Ain for Better Government Services for the Public
Farming reforms take root
ADFCA Inspection Campaign at Restaurants in Tourist Club Area
Liwa exhibition shows Abu Dhabi�s commitment to agriculture
Liwa Agricultural Exhibition opens
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority Reiterates Rules Regarding Use of Plastic in Food Packaging
Lecture on Smoking Followed by Free Carbon Monoxide Test for Staff at ADFCA
ADFCA discusses development of Delma Island
No contaminated American hazelnut products in Abu Dhabi
ADFCA clears Vietnam's basa fish
Food control body suspends sale of fish
Food authority to enhance risk-based inspection systems
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