ADFCA meets big restaurant owners and global chain representatives in Al Ain
4/7/2015 11:00 PM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority ( ADFCA) has organized recently a meeting for owners of big restaurants and global chain representatives operating in Al Ain as part of its efforts to introduce businesses the inspection procedures and to know their aspirations by creating opportunity to share suggestions and opinions in order to better the quality of services at both ends.

In this regard, Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi, Director of Communications & Community Services Division at ADFCA said:"ADFCA has been keen on communicating periodically with its strategic partners and various sections concerned with food sector in the bid to strengthen cooperation and the concepts of transparency. As restaurants are considered one of the live components of life in the society, ADFCA always take high interest in escalating the quality levels of services restaurants offer as well as put much efforts to ensure that public health & safety standards are well maintained "

"To ADFCA, the safety of food products that are served to consumers is of a top most priority, therefore, this meeting with global businesses is crucial to pinpoint their aspirations and to explain them on various aspects of procedures in practice at ADFCA, aiming at ensuring the safety and quality of products served to the public to win customers' trust" he added.

The meeting was attended by policy makers at Control Sector, ADFCA food inspectors and representatives of restaurant businesses. Officials have collected the suggestions and opinions raised in the programs. Selected recommendations will be referred to ADFCA management's consideration

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