ADFCA awards ‘A’ to 50 establishments in animal production field, honors owners
1/13/2015 12:00 AM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has  honored representatives of near about fifty establishments in the emirate working in the animal production business, for their excellent performance last year.

The honoring goes to the establishments including meat shops, veterinary facilities,  fodder shops, ranches and  animal farms which secured 'A' in the performance rating of the ADFCA inspection program.

Executive Directors of Animal Wealth and Control Sectors as well as directors of various departments at Abu Dhabi Municipalities such as Public Health, Environment & Community Service departments, were present during the honoring event held at the Head Quarters in Mohammed Bin Zayed City.

Abdul Munim Al Marshoodi, Acting Executive Director of Control Sector, during his address to the gathering, praised the efforts from the part of establishments to systematically implementing the local and federal laws and regulations as well as executing systems and procedures set by ADFCA in the field of food safety.

He said the evaluation is based on the routine visits done by ADFCA inspectors throughout the year and the final evaluation carried out in the end of the year which focused on the implementation of food safety and animal safety criteria.

After the evaluations, establishments were categorized in to various levels considering the success rate in fulfilling the technical and health & safety  specifications and conditions , he said.

Last year, ADFCA inspection system focused also on imparting to establishment owners the concept of 'self control' which  was conceived well and contributed positively in raising the awareness level in animal production facilities, he pointed.

Officials at Animal Control Division presented a report on the main achievements the division marked last year in addition to sharing insights in to the features of the target plans for the current year.

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