ADAFSA conducting survey to identify COVID-19 impact on agricultural, livestock, society
5/20/2020 11:00 PM

The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) announced it will conduct a survey for community members, farmers and livestock breeders, to identify the impact of COVID-19 crisis on food, agricultural and animal activities, thus working to reduce this impact. The move comes in line with ADAFSA's keenness to provide the best services to the public, and as part of its continued efforts to achieve sustainable agricultural development.

Through these surveys, ADAFSA seeks to hear from the public on the impact of COVID-19 on their food purchases, food-related behaviors and perceptions of food safety in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. ADAFSA aims at ensuring the public and food, animal and plant facilities are well-informed on the sound measures and practices that should be implemented to ensure food safety. In addition, ADAFSA seeks to ensure the adequacy of the implemented regulations of relevancy to food safety, livestock and agricultural affairs in addressing the crisis, to provide high-quality services and appropriate support for the public during the crisis.

Furthermore, ADAFSA also aims to evaluate the crisis' impact on farms, workers and their restricted movement due to the current conditions, products or livestock transportation, sales, and plant and animal products' returns, in addition to investigating farmers and livestock breeders' knowledge regarding measures taken by ADAFSA to combat COVID-19.

ADAFSA's survey also aims at evaluating the impact of the precautionary measures and limiting working hours of some commercial outlets, like agriculture inputs shops and feed centers, on the ability of farmers to purchase their needs.  Moreover, ADAFSA seeks to identify customers' turnout at agriculture inputs shops, feed distribution centers or the authority's veterinary clinics during the suspension of commercial activities. This aims at guaranteeing those centers are meeting the needs of farm owners and livestock breeders of inputs and feed, ensuring the effectiveness of ADAFSA's measures taken to support farmers and livestock breeders during the crisis, and identify their proposals, which helps provide the necessary support to them during this crisis.

ADAFSA further urged all community members, farmers and livestock breeders to participate in the survey, to enable ADAFSA study the current situation, take the necessary improvement and development actions, and contribute to reducing the impact of COVID-19 on them.


To participate into the survey

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