ADFCA meets poultry farm owners as part of awareness drive
1/7/2015 12:00 AM

Officials at Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority have met a number of poultry farm owners in the emirate as part of an ongoing drive aiming at imparting necessary awareness in terms of health, safety and legal aspects of business.

According to officials at ADFCA, the drive comes as a component of various efforts to support farmers in maintaining sustainable farm management with the focus on best practices and reasonable income.

During the drive which is organized by the Animal Production Development Section at ADFCA, officials delivered presentations on a range of topics and interacted with farmers including small scale breeders and big commercial farm owners.

Dr. Hasan Hussaini Hasnain, Animal Production Specialist at the section, during his lecture in the programs, talked about the important aspects of broiler chicken breeding with a thrust on the health practices to be maintained at all the stages of production as well as on keeping preventive programs approved by the competent agencies.

In their presentations, Eng.  Ebrahim Suleiman Al Shehy and Eng. Ali Al Noww, inspectors at the Ranches & Farms Monitoring Section stressed the need to obtain all kind of mandatory permits  before get in to the business.

Dr. Naseer  Gulam, veterinary doctor at Veterinary Services Section explained about the signs and symptoms of Coccidiosis found in chicken as well as the best practices to be followed to prevent the products from being infected with this parasitic disease.

Apart From Abu Dhabi, awareness programs were held in Al Ain and various parts of Western Region.

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