ADFCA animal tagging helps to monitor animal health
ADFCA animal tagging helps to monitor animal health
12/21/2010 12:00 AM
The Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, as part of its effort to achieve sustainable livestock development and to ensure better quality of locally produced meat and milk in the emirate, began registering the animals under the new project �Animal Identification Registration System� (AIRS), reports in the English dailies said .

The authority, which is responsible for agriculture and animal welfare in the emirate, began the two-year, Dh40 million project in October.

Khalifa Ahmad Khalfan Al Ali, Executive Director of Strategic Planning and Performance Management, and Mohammad Jalal Al Reyaysa, Director of Communication and Community service at ADFCA, said the project was part of ADFCA�s strategy to achieve self sufficiency in milk and meat supplies in the emirate.

According to the records of the ADFCA around 528,485 livestock were registered with the new AIR system. The emirate of Abu Dhabi alone constitutes 80 per cent of the total UAE livestock.

The programme consists of identifying sheep, goats more than one month old and any cattle more than two weeks old, and piercing a ear tag on their right ear. A microchip (2mmX0.2mm) will be implanted on the left side of the neck of any camel more than two weeks old.

AIR is free of charge and does not affect the animal�s health, productivity and performances. Each tag has a code which is read by an electronic reader and contains the country of origin and serial number.

According to the officials the plan will help to control animal diseases and improve animal health by massive vaccination drive for all animals in the emirate as the tag contains the history of an animal.

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