ADFCA Campaign on Eid Slaughter
ADFCA Campaign on Eid Slaughter
10/24/2012 12:00 AM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has launched its Eid awareness campaign at Al Wahda and Marina Mall in which the Authority's veterinary doctors interacted with the public on all aspects of choosing and caring for the animals for sacrifice. They also distributed awareness publications in addition to answering questions from the people.

The issues discussed during the campaign included the physical and health requirements for the sacrificial animal as per the Shariah, such as the defects that bar animals from being slaughtered.  The veterinarians also enlightened the public on how to do a preliminary physical examination of the animals to make sure they are healthy.  They also stressed on the need for treating the animals with kindness and consideration, especially during transportation because improper ways of transportation could harm the animals and render them unfit for sacrifice. 

Ahmed Al Sharaf, Acting Director of Communication and Community Service at ADFCA said that it was critically important to make sure that people use only approved slaughter houses and licensed butchers for slaughtering animals, instead of doing so on the streets, homes or farms with the help of unqualified butchers. "Slaughtering them in approved places is mandatory to ensure food safety through compliance with all the rules and regulations governing the slaughter of animals. Veterinary inspection before and after slaughter, clean slaughtering environs to avoid contamination, ensuring environmental protection through safe disposal of the left over stuff such as blood, hides and inedible parts and prevention against diseases that spread from animals to human beings are all done properly in slaughter houses. These measures are crucial for ensuring complete food safety," he pointed out.

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