Abu Dhabi markets free from contaminated peanut butter cream with Salmonella bacteria
Abu Dhabi markets free from contaminated peanut butter cream with Salmonella bacteria
10/4/2012 12:00 AM

Upon conducting an extensive field survey across Abu Dhabi markets, it has been confirmed of being free from the peanut butter soft cream product which was manufactured by �Trade Jose� an American brand. The survey was carried out by inspectors of the operations unit for Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority.  After news spread publically about the possibility of the product being contaminated with the Salmonella bacteria, the company pulled its product from several countries. Mohamed Jalal Al Reyaysa, Director of Communications and Community Service said that the concerned inspection unit took swift action upon receipt of international reports indicating the existence of health risks from consuming this product.  He pointed out that a comprehensive market scan campaign was led by the inspection unit to check the product availability at local outlets that proven not.

He added that the initial results so far ensure the absence of any contaminated peanut butter cream product with the bacterium Salmonella and that it is still being sought to confirm the absence of the product from stores across the Emirate. We call for public support in reporting any food safety mater via a toll-free number 800555 for Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre, in case of spotting the product to apply immediate measurements.

Mr. Reyaysa confirmed that authority unit will continue following up, through its membership at network of the International Food Safety Authorities, all the issues and problems of food at a worldwide level and will always carry out all precautionary procedures upon receipt of any news about the possibility of the occurrence of health damage due to any food product, this includes suppliers and major outlets and others. He also called for the public to communicate with the authority at all times with regards to food, whether through social networking sites, via the official website or the Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre or by visiting the headquarters of the authority to provide service to the fullest.

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