ADFCA Inspection Campaign at Restaurants in Tourist Club Area
ADFCA Inspection Campaign at Restaurants in Tourist Club Area
4/18/2010 8:00 AM
  In view of the soaring complaints from the consumers about the poor quality of food served in many restaurants in the Tourist Club area in the city of Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority conducted an intensive inspection campaign in the area today, resulting in 7 fines, around 80 KG of destroyed food and 47 warnings.

Covering a total of 60 restaurants, the 26 food inspectors from the Restaurants Unit on the task examined every aspect of food safety and hygiene in the presence of a group of media persons. The campaign was triggered by the fact that 47% of public grievances about deteriorating food quality came from the eastern part of Abu Dhabi, which includes the Tourist Club area. During the campaign, the inspectors also gave advices to restaurant workers on how to ensure that the food they serve are safe and hygienic.

An official from the Authority said that most of the food safety violations found in today's inspections concerned the presence of sewage water in the kitchens, insufficient insect control, stink in the kitchen, use of dirty clothes for cleaning, inappropriate storing of food items, mixing of food items in the refrigerator and keeping food and cleaning materials close to each other. "There were also violations such as poor ventilation and general maintenance conducive to the proliferations of pests inside the restaurants," he explained, adding that the number of restaurants that adhered to the rules and regulations was only 6, a mere 10% of the total  inspected. 
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  • Last Updated On: Apr 19, 2010