Food Inspection Campaigns on Large Scale in Abu Dhabi Prior to Ramadan
Food Inspection Campaigns on Large Scale in Abu Dhabi Prior to Ramadan
7/25/2011 12:00 AM
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) implemented a pre Ramadan food inspection campaign that has seen surprise visits to 62 butcheries and fisheries in Abu Dhabi.

The 62 shops visited by teams from Meat Inspection Unit, ADFCA,  included some butcheries and fisheries in Zayed City Market, the Port Meat market, Shahama Green market and Bani Yas Green Market, resulting in issuing one fine and 16 warnings to the ones not in full compliance with the mandatory safety standards. Besides, 95 kilograms of rancid meat, fish and chicken were destroyed. .

Mohamed Abdulla Al Fardan, Deputy Director, Communication and Community Service Department at ADFCA, said: �ADFCA is committed to promoting the health and safety standards and practices. We aim to achieve that through raising awareness on the food safety standards, and the campaign being implemented prior to Ramadan verify, monitor, and ensure the compliance of all shop with food safety procedures and measures at all times.�

ADFCA�s Meat Inspection Unit applies many procedures and advanced inspection tools to ensure controlling efficiency. The most sophisticated technologies used by ADFCA�s inspectors include a device measuring the interior temperature for meat, detecting if the shops are selling meat as fresh while being frozen. In addition, inspectors use a specialized meat laser device able to read the overall temperature, whilst other tools can measure and verify meat acidity and humidity level, as well as the fat percentage in minced and chopped meat to make sure fat level is within the standards.

In 2010, ADFCA executed 27000 inspection visits to 332 butcheries and 17 fisheries in Abu Dhabi, and issued 151 fines and 1006 warnings. In order to implement professional procedures, ADFCA trained over 60% of shop workers to raise their skills and awareness on food safety.

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