Contaminated American Eggs not Found in UAE Markets
Contaminated American Eggs not Found in UAE Markets
9/1/2010 12:00 AM
  ADFCA Scotches Rumors Spread in the Wake of the Recall of 380 Million Eggs in the US 

Abu Dhabi, September 1, 2010: Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has ruled out the possibility of any of the contaminated American eggs being sold in the local markets here.  The Authority also clarified the VIMTO drink, which is widely consumed by people in the emirate, is absolutely safe for consumption.

The statement from the Authority came in response to rumors spread in the wake of recall of eggs linked to an outbreak of salmonella that had sickened hundreds of people in three U.S. states. The recall in the US had covered 380 million eggs. There were wide-spread rumors about the drink VIMTO as well that it was unsafe for human consumption and the Authority had received frantic calls from people enquiring about the product.

A spokesperson from ADFCA said that random specimens of eggs and VIMTO had been picked up from different markets and subjected to rigorous laboratory tests to check if they contained contaminants. "Our tests proved beyond any shadow of doubts that VIMTO is fully safe. This is corroborated by similar tests done in other emirates and countries in the region," he added.

"We have also checked and confirmed that the recalled brands of American eggs have not been imported to the emirate or to the UAE. We want to allay the fears of people on both these issues. We call upon the people not to give heed to rumors spread by vested interests," he pointed out, adding that in case of any food safety-related fears, people are welcome to contact the Authority at 800555.  

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