ADFCA Raid Unearths Huge Amounts of Expired Veterinary Drugs in a Pharmacy in the Capital
ADFCA Raid Unearths Huge Amounts of Expired Veterinary Drugs in a Pharmacy in the Capital
9/21/2010 12:00 AM
Abu Dhabi, September 20, 2010: In a raid at a veterinary pharmacy on Airport Road in the capital, inspectors from the Animal and Plant Health Division of Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) found 90 varieties of expired veterinary medicines. The medicines � 155 liters of liquid drugs, 2124 capsules and 120 kg of powder that  ranged from antibiotics to vitamin and feed supplements � were removed from the shop and legal action initiated against the shop owners.  

A spokesperson from ADFCA said the consumption of expired medicines by animals could pose serious contamination in certain circumstances, especially if the chemical composition of the drugs underwent major changes. "It goes without saying that expired drugs cease to be effective medicinally. We call upon animal owners to carefully inspect the expiry dates on the veterinary drugs they buy. ADFCA is currently developing comprehensive standards and specifications for the use and sale of veterinary drugs in the emirate," he revealed, adding that the statistics available show that there are around 70 veterinary establishments in the emirate, including clinics, pharmacies and laboratories.

He warned veterinary pharmacies in the emirate against unethical and illegal practices such as the sale of expired drugs and said the Authority would take stringent action against any drug store selling expired or banned veterinary drugs.

Recently, the inspectors of the Animal and Plant Health Division had inspected 27 animal production firms and 21 butcheries and poultry farms in different parts of the emirate and sent specimens of water used in the farms, eggs, meat and other products further laboratory tests. The results of the tests confirmed the products were fit for human consumption. 







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  • Last Updated On: Sep 23, 2010