Workshop on HACCP for Local Restaurant Chains
Workshop on HACCP for Local Restaurant Chains
8/14/2012 12:00 AM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) organized a workshop targeting local restaurant chains in the emirate on "HACCP System for the Food Catering Sector."  A number of managers and workers from the chains attended the event.

The workshop, conducted by Khaled al Marzouqi and Dr. Fadi Al Natur of the Policy and Regulation sector, touched upon the new requirements for HACCP system, the most important of them being the implementation of good healthy practices on the part of the food outlet manager and effective execution of food tracking as per the rules of the system of tracking and recall issued by ADFCA. This is in addition to developing and executing the systems for food safety and preservation based on the principles of risk analysis system and HACCP.

The workshop discussed the data gathering processes on local restaurant chains to assess the shortcomings and identify the requirements with a view to prepare guidance and support materials to help them implement food safety regulations. Specialist researchers visited many food establishment for this purpose during which they interviewed the people responsible for running them. The speakers pointed out that implementation is optional at this point and ADFCA is offering support and assistance in implementation.  The issue of making it mandatory has not been decided as yet.

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