ADFCA Delivers lectures at the 11th Women Conference
ADFCA Delivers lectures at the 11th Women Conference
3/7/2012 12:00 AM
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) added value with two presentations to the 11th women conference held by the Ministry of Health in Abu Dhabi.

Dr. Hafiz Ibrahim presented a paper on "Be Your Own Inspector" focusing on food-borne diseases. The presentation delved deep into various diseases caused by improper preservation, cooking and handling of food materials, especially their damaging, even fatal, effects on children, old people and pregnant women.

He elucidated on certain disease causing organisms such as Ribbon worm larvae, sarcocysts and the bacteria causing tuberculosis which are mostly found in rotten meats.  He pointed out that ADFCA had destroyed such meats even before they reached into the markets and banned meat from the countries in which these originated.

Dr. Mansour Ali Abdul Latif presented a paper on 'Food Safety,' in which he dealt with the basics of checking the validity of food items, including meats, poultry and fish. He pointed out that through simple methods external physical examination the defects of many food items could be identified. 
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