Conference for Western Region Policy and Regulation Staff
Conference for Western Region Policy and Regulation Staff
8/6/2012 12:00 AM

The Department of Agricultural Policies at the Policy Development Division at ADFCA organized the second introductory conference to review and discuss the agriculture and food safety policies with the Authority's staff in the Western Region.

The speakers at the conference spoke on the contents of the policy and its role in achieving the government outcomes entrusted to ADFCA such as guaranteeing food safety, ensuring food supply, biological security through conserving the health of animals and plants and sustainability for the farming sector through the ideal use of natural resources such as irrigation water and cultivable soil and adherence to good agricultural and environmental practices.

Representatives from the divisions of regulation and standards as well as risk analysis from the sector attended the conference. The speakers shed light on the methodology of the sector in laying down legislations and regulations, in addition to the advances made in agricultural and food risk analysis.

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