AWEES Officials Pay Visits to Animal Farms and Disseminate Knowledge
AWEES Officials Pay Visits to Animal Farms and Disseminate Knowledge
3/1/2012 12:00 AM
A delegation of officials by Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority's Animal Welfare and Extension Services disseminated awareness and information among animal breeders about healthy practices at animal farms.

The delegation, headed by Dr. Faisal Al Baraka, Extension Services Specialist and consisting of a number of trainee inspectors from the Animal Production Division, visited farms in the Al Shahama and Al Ajban areas. They had detailed deliberations with the farm managements on the various aspects of breeding sheep, especially the difficulties they faced. Accordingly, advices and information were provided to each farm.

The expert advices provided to the farms touched on a range of issues, such as the need for keeping male sheep in isolation after the mating season, the proper methods of feeding sheep at the different stages of production, trimming of hooves and cutting of wool, care for the mating season and need for synchronizing it across the board. Artificial insemination, the importance of identifying and registering the animals, the need for a fodder warehouse, farm register and its significance, the importance of adherence to the vaccination schedules, disease control, feeding and fighting external parasites were among the other issues that cropped up during the visits.

The visiting officials responded to queries from the breeders and farm workers who appreciated the proactive approach manifested in the field visits. They sought ADFCA to continue this practice in future.
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