Seminar in Al Ain on Veterinary Medicines
Seminar in Al Ain on Veterinary Medicines
10/11/2011 12:00 AM
Al Ain, UAE:  ADFCA's Animal Production Division at the Al Ain branch held a seminar on "Veterinary Medicines and Preparations: A Two-edged Weapon" at Aila Hotel.  

Delegates from the Ministry of Water and Environment and Al Ain Municipality were in attendance, besides a number of veterinarians working at private veterinary establishments and animal production farms in Ai Ain.  

The event stressed the importance of communication between private veterinarians working at farms and the Authority in order to ensure animal health and to achieve ADFCA's strategic goals through cooperation on bio-security. 

A number of papers were presented at the seminar, which included 'Medicines Banned and Restricted in the UAE' by Dr. Arif Taisir of the Animal Health Division of ADFCA, 'Wrong Practices at vet. establishments and the Ill-effects of Random use of Vet. Medicines' by Dr. Adel Abdul Ghaffar of Al Athir Veterinary Firm, and 'Annual Assessment of Private Companies' by Dr. Ali Al Baluchi of the Department of Animal Product Safety at Al Ain branch. 

A question and answer session at the end resulted in a lively exchange of views and knowledge.  Engineer Humaid Al Shamsi, Manager of Animal Products Safety at Al Ain Branch honored the speakers.

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