Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority highlights the importance of proper handling for veterinary medicines
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority highlights the importance of proper handling for veterinary medicines
5/24/2012 12:00 AM

The Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority highlighted the need to draw the attention of farm owners and livestock breeders when dealing with veterinary medicines and not to delegate the tasks to unskilled workers, who do not have the experience and qualifications needed to read the prescription, differentiate between doses and the different proportions needed.

ADFCA has appealed to all farm owners and livestock breeders not to neglect their famrs and to conduct frequent visits to monitor the animal�s health and identify any problems that may occur, especially since the workers in the farms are of non-Arab nationalities and may treat the animals with ignorance something that may cause complications as a result the wrong dose or a wrong classification of the disease.

This came during an Awareness Day organized by ADFCA�s Awareness Section, in collaboration with the Animal Wealth sector at the Weddings Hall in Al Marf�a. The event was attended by Saeed Jasim Mohamed, Awareness Section Manager, Sari Al Mansoori, Head of Unit at Animal Health Division, and a number of the staff ADFCA along with more than 160 people from farmers and livestock breeders and students of Al Marf�a Elite School.

The event included three awareness lectures; the first presented by Dr. Mahmoud Mustafa entitled "Together towards safe food" where he discussed the basic principles of dealing with food and food safety standards required of in addition to the best ways to save, transfer and store food.

The second lecture, presented by Dr. Hamid Rajab under "Brucellosis  ... facts and information," defined Brucellosis and ways of preventing it, He presented comprehensive information about the disease and ways to deal with the animals when infected, stressing on the need to expedite the reporting of the case

due to it being one of the common diseases between man and animal. He discussed the transmission of the disease from mother to fetus or through the stallions infected or by drinking contaminated milk, and here he stressed r on the importance of boiling milk before drinking and not to use the milk as soon as it has been obtained from the animals to ensure its safety. Going through the methods of prevention which include boiling the milk, wearing protective clothing, not to touch anything without the usage of gloves and notifying the nearest clinic if discovering any symptoms of the disease on the animal.

The third lecture presented by Dr. Laura Sawalha under �The profession of veterinary medicine� discussed the qualities and qualifications of the people interested in studying veterinary medicine and and emphasized on the purpose behind the study of veterinary medicine ;to protect human from  diseases of animal origin in addition to providing the best care for the animal.

At the end of the lecture a Q&A session was open for the public were questions on agriculture , animal welfare, food safety  were put forward including  questions on the lectures where put forward and has gained a large interaction from the audience.

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