ADFCA Closes Down Unlicensed and Unhygienic Food Outlet Serving Laborers
ADFCA Closes Down Unlicensed and Unhygienic Food Outlet Serving Laborers
5/17/2011 12:00 AM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has closed down a catering and food stuff outlet in Al Ruwais in the Western Region for non-compliance with food safety rules and regulations.

United Families for Catering and Food Stuff, according to ADFCA's Communication and Community Service Director Mohamed Jalal Al Reyaysa, was functioning in a makeshift building in the midst of labor camps in the desert.

"The outlet was housed in a cramped building made of iron and woods and was unfit for the purpose. It had no facilities for safe storage of food items and was selling food stuff and cooked dishes without having a license from ADFCA. It was flouting all norms of food safety such as space specifications, overall environment and general hygiene," Al Reyaysa pointed out.

ADFCA had issued a final warning last month, asking the outlet to obtain the mandatory license and implement safety rules. In the beginning of this month, it was charged for violations, including for non-obtainment of license. On top of all, the workers were sleeping in the outlet itself and they were storing cooked foods in room temperature and in the open, added Al Reyaysa.

Al Reyaysa stressed that food outlets serving the labor force in the emirate should take maximum care to provide the workers with safe food. "We will not take lightly any negligence with regard to the safety and well being of the laborers, who are an important segment of our society. They deserve to be treated and served with dignity and honor," he said.


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