Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority organized an open meeting with livestock breeders in Sweihan
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority organized an open meeting with livestock breeders in Sweihan
7/6/2011 12:00 AM
In the framework of communication with stakeholders and strategic partners, the Animal Welfare and Guidance Section organized and open meeting in collaboration with the Awareness Section at Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority with livestock breeders in Nahel,Sweihan and Al Ain.

Mr. Saeed Jasim, Awareness Section Manager, began the meeting by welcoming all the guests and ensuring the importance of such meetings that contribute in highlighting the livestock breeder's plans and objectives related to the livestock sector and at the same time identifies difficulties faced by breeders and find solutions based on the knowledge expectation and suggestion proposed by the breeders.

On his behalf Dr. Hamed Ragab from Animal Welfare and Guidance section ensured that these meetings reflect the vision and strategy of the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority and its contribution to providing security by ensuring the diversity of animal and plant health. This meeting will work towards improving agricultural production with comparative advantage and will help farmers maintain a sustainable farming income, which will serve the Abu Dhabi Government priorities "to secure food supplies to the emirate and ensure the safety of food."

He stated that these events contribute in raising the level of knowledge of livestock breeders to practice this inherited heritage that has become an integral part of the customs and practices of citizens in the emirate, taking into consideration some elaboration of the good practices in the farmlands like the proper disposal of waste, separating the types and species of different animals and the provision of feed and clean water for the animals. He ensured that ADFCA began in the distribution of concentrated feed, which provides the animals all the necessary elements of proteins, energy, minerals and vitamins with prescribed rates to meet their nutritional needs according to their age and their different production stages and with the ease of use, small storage areas and with little wastage.

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