Exclusive range of modern food equipment, showcased during SIAL Middle East
Exclusive range of modern food equipment, showcased during SIAL Middle East
11/24/2011 12:00 AM

SIAL Middle East showcased the latest equipment, machinery and food systems for the first time in the Middle East through a global platform provided by the SIAL, which provides a unique opportunity for all workers in the food industry to discover the latest innovations in this field. 

As a part of its latest display was a machine used to remove dust and dirt off dates. It contains a disk of cylindrical fiber safe for food products. This machine cleans each bead via brushes 6 to 8 times. This machine, which keeps dates shiny and clean, is suitable only for dry dates. 

Oil filtration machines were showcased as well. It consists of a filtering system used to prolong the validity of frying oil. It works on removing all the impurities from the frying process which increases the efficiency of oil and makes it safe for a longer period of time. This machine, which can be used in fast food stores, hotels and large restaurants, reduces the cost of frying by 50%, improves the quality and taste of food, and cleans the oil in less than five minutes. 

Also, an oil testing machine was presented; it is used to measure the quality of the oils after frying and its suitability for use. This machine is also used to check the validity of oil for use and ensure that food is fried safely & healthily. It is a machine that measures the temperature of the oil as well. The oil testing machine can be used in restaurants, major hotels as well as by inspectors during the food inspection campaigns.  

Floor kitchen facilities for food, floors with high specifications and floors resistant to chemicals were also showcased during the exhibition. These floors can withstand high temperatures and are non-slippery; they are guaranteed to work efficiently for more than 10 years. 

Mohammad Jalal Al Reyaysa, Chairman of the Higher Organizing Committee for the SIAL, the official spokesman for the Abu Dhabi Food Control said: "SIAL ME; in its current stage has provided exhibitors, buyers and visitors interesting opportunities to view and access the latest equipment and food systems, which are an essential and crucial part the food industry. This participation has allowed both participants and visitors to witness the latest developments in the equipment, devices and food systems. "

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