Seminar on Agriculture policy and Food Safety in Al Ain
Seminar on Agriculture policy and Food Safety in Al Ain
6/21/2012 12:00 AM
The Policy Development Division at Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has recently organized a seminar for its agriculture and livestock development and food safety team in Al Ain. The seminar aimed to increase the awareness and knowledge of the staff with methods for agriculture and food safety. The presented methods , recently adopted by the board members , is a solid foundation that is based on ADFCA�s orientation in the planning, development and legislation processes  relating to agriculture and food sectors in the Emirate.

The Policy Development Division team, consisting of Dr. Essam Al Hashimi, Agriculture Policy Manager and Engineer Ahmed Al Mazrouei, agricultural policy specialist presented a comprehensive presentation that addressed the purposes of the policies and its solid relation to the key government results associated with the  set achievements of the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, that include food safety for individuals along with the environmental and sustainable development of the agriculture sector along with securing food supplies in the Emirate.

The speakers discussed the structure, parameters, key principles and the environment policy objectives as well. They explained in details agriculture and food safety policies cultivation, vegetation and animal related. It is noteworthy to know that the agricultural policies themselves are categorized into sub policies that include production policy, safety policies and common policies that relate to both categories at the same time.

The presentation was followed by discussions on the importance of the policies discussed and the need to apply its important role through actual application programs that will be witnessed the next stage. The team members have also responded to questions and queries of the audience .

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