Organic Farming a Big Presence at Agricultural Exhibition
Organic Farming a Big Presence at Agricultural Exhibition
2/25/2012 12:00 AM
The organic farms participating in the second Agricultural Exhibition in Al Ain held by Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has demonstrated their pioneering experience in producing 100% organic products such as vegetables, fruits, dates and eggs. These firms follow organic methods right from the preparation of the soil to the stage of harvest.

The participation at the exhibition gave these firms the opportunity to interact with large numbers of potential buyers and to spread awareness about the health benefits of organic products.

Ahmed Obaid al Mansouri, General Manager of Al Sharia Company for Organic Farming, demonstrated his experience in organic agriculture, forest management and poultry and various other aspects.  It also included organic fertilizers free from chemicals, natural methods of pest control and others.

Engineer Kamal Salim, Manager of Al Jabir Farms which won the prize for the best farm, said that their farm practiced a novel method using wood powder in manufacturing fertilizers produced from birds. 

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority is trying to strengthen the culture of organic farming in its many manifestations.

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