No Alcohol content in drinks sold in Abu Dhabi markets
No Alcohol content in drinks sold in Abu Dhabi markets
3/22/2011 12:00 AM

  ADFCA rejects rumors on alcohol-containing juices and drinks

Abu Dhabi, March 22, 2011: Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has categorically rejected the rumors that the juices and drinks sold in the markets here had contained alcohol.

The Authority explained that some drinks stored improperly might ferment and show negligible amount of alcohol, but they are immediately withdrawn from the market for violating the rules and regulations.

While the Authority is focused on ensuring all foods reaching the emirate are safe for human consumption, it clarifies that some fruit juices are amenable to natural fermentation due to a number of reasons. ADFCA will take all possible measures to detect and remove such fermented drinks and initiate action against violators.

Fermentation of juices could happen due to inappropriate or prolonged storage. The food monitoring system of ADFCA encompass the entire food chain, ranging from the time food products reach the emirate through their transportation within the emirate to their storage in the outlets. Hardly any loophole is left for food businesses to circulate unsafe food products among the consumers and all human and technical capabilities are pressed into service to ensure public safety.

The Authority called upon the public to disregard rumors and bring to the attention of the Authority any violations or unsafe practices that they come across.


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