5th Meeting of GCC Subcommittee for Organic, Functional and Genetically Modified Foods in Abu Dhabi
5th Meeting of GCC Subcommittee for Organic, Functional and Genetically Modified Foods in Abu Dhabi
5/9/2012 12:00 AM

The GCC Subcommittee for organic, functional and genetically modified foods held its fifth meeting in Abu Dhabi for two days in the presence of HE Dr. Mariam Harib Al Yousuf, Chairperson of the Committee and Executive Director of Policy and Regulation Sector at Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) as well as representatives from the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology and the representatives of the Standardization Authorities of member countries.

HE Dr. Mariam said the meeting was aimed at following up on the committee's preparation for unified GCC standards and specifications, technical rules, extension guides, practice guides and directive plans governing the circulation of organic, functional and genetically modified foods. "This was with a view to preempt all health risks that they may cause. The meeting also reviewed the latest global developments in this field in order to take preventive and science-based steps while preparing standards, specifications and legislations. All these, put together, will provide for the citizens and residents of the GCC the highest standards of protection against health hazards," she explained.

HE enlightened that the meeting discussed the projects for specifications and technical rules for the year 2011. "These comprise 12 GCC projects for specifications and pertain to general rules for food for sportspersons, iodized low sodium salt, breads made for special nutritional purposes, terminology and definitions of genetically modified foods, general rules for canned food for special use, general rules for functional foods, items used in low calorie foods for weight loss, specifications for foods with special nutritional use (chocolates, macroni. bran bread and jam)," she pointed out.

The meeting also discussed the project proposals for the year 2013 and agreed upon the initial ideas.

The recommendations of the fourth meeting of the committee were reviewed by the Committee Secretary, besides shedding light on the accomplishments of the 2011 plan. The meeting also includes the presentation of two studies from the UAE, one on organic agricultural production with the example of organic dates and another on organic animal production exemplified by organic raw milk.  Projects presented by the member countries also were reviewed.
The main recommendations of the committee included referring six specifications projects for approval, five for reassessment, in addition to the annulment of one.
At the end, HE thanked the participations and appreciated their efforts towards achieving the desired results in the spirit of united work across the GCC and in the service of the society.

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