Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority launches Campaigns for Livestock Immunization
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority launches Campaigns for Livestock Immunization
9/19/2011 1:10 AM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has announced the launch of two campaigns - spraying and immunization - to control the spread in Abu Dhabi of four infectious diseases affecting animals: foot and mouth disease, CCPP, PPR and sheep and goat pox.

The campaigns aim to eradicate epidemic diseases and external parasites that cause and transmit the diseases, strengthening the immunity of livestock and increasing their numbers and improving their productivity.  The initiative will also reduce the need for the use of veterinary medicines and treatments, as well as guide livestock breeders about the nutritional benefits of concentrated fodder.

Khalifa Ahmad Al Ali, Executive Director of Strategic Planning and Performance Management at Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, said, �Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority is keen to provide an outstanding level of veterinary services and to make the most qualified and skilled veterinary staff available to livestock farmers. As such, ADFCA is currently executing an integrated plan to raise awareness of different diseases that affect livestock in the emirate. As part of this plan we have launched spraying and immunization campaigns." 

�The veterinary staff of ADFCA are ready to provide advice and guidance for livestock farmers and stakeholders in order to raise awareness and contribute actively to the prevention of diseases that commonly affect animals. ADFCA is committed to providing all services in accordance with the best international practices and standards for livestock breeders�, he added.

Mohammed Jalal Al Reyaysa, Director of Communications and Community Service at Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority said: �Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority is dedicated to monitoring and preventing diseases and controlling their proliferation. This is achieved through campaigns and programs such as the spraying and immunization campaigns against epidemic diseases, which aim to boost immunity, prevent infection and combat external parasites and insects that transfer those diseases to animals. "

�The prevention of diseases will lead to an improvement in the quality of animal products, promoting confidence in the local production of livestock, and helping to lift the image of the livestock production industry to one that makes a real and crucial contribution to the nation�s food security," he added.

The launch of these initiatives is part of a series of livestock campaigns organized by ADFCA targeting livestock breeders in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The campaigns will focus on key aspects of sustainable livestock production in the emirate, such as increasing and improving the local production of livestock, breeding and genetic strains.

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