ADFCA works with stakeholders to improve food safety
ADFCA works with stakeholders to improve food safety
4/8/2012 12:00 AM

The Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has embarked on an ambitious initiative to assist catering businesses implement modern management systems to ensure food served to customers is always safe. This includes businesses such as small restaurants, labor camps, schools, traditional kitchens, hospitals, air-line catering and large hotels.

Whilst high standards are already in place many of large companies it is a huge task for ADFCA to bring modern systems into even the smallest restaurant.

In line with ADFCA stakeholder engagement policy, industry chefs and managers are being invited to participate in the project to share ideas and best practice. Working in partnership in this way will ensure practical, cost effective solutions are developed.

Four major stakeholder events took place in July. These included an open meeting of the newly formed Abu Dhabi Chefs Guild where more than 40 Executive Head Chefs discussed issues of food safety management. This was followed by meetings of a smaller �hotel working group�. Two similar groups met for the first time, one representing the quick service restaurant chains (QSRs) and the other larger contract caterers.

Companies who are now actively working on the project with ADFCA include the following:
Hotels: Al Raha Beach, Rotana, Fairmont, �D� Club, Yas Hotel.
Quick Service Restaurants: Subway, McDonalds, Starbucks, Americana, Burger King, Hotbrands.
Contractors: Abu Dhabi in-Flight catering, Discovery, Abu-Dhabi National Hotels, National Catering Company.

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