International Delegation of Scientists Visit Agricultural Research Center in Al Ain
International Delegation of Scientists Visit Agricultural Research Center in Al Ain
3/26/2012 12:00 AM
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has once again affirmed its commitment to sustainable agricultural development and scientific research, as it holds a day of workshops and presentations with a delegation of international experts in the field of integrated pest management at its Department of Agricultural Research facility in Al Ain.

The delegation, which included scientists from the United States, Australia, Saudi Arabia and Oman, was shown the framework for the strategic plans of ADFCA�s Department of Agricultural Research, the nature of the research programs that take place and the areas where scientific and technical possibilities are available, in addition to units of plant research and agricultural fields of various subsidiaries.

The scientists were received by Mohamed Jalal Al Reyaysa, Director of Communication and Community Service, ADFCA, who emphasized the company�s dedication to serving the Government�s sustainability strategy for the agricultural sector. He also highlighted their commitment to attracting leading experts in the areas of agriculture and research globally to develop the capacity of Abu Dhabi farmers and motivate them to use the latest technologies in their farms.

Following their tour, The delegation participated in a seminar organised by ADFCA on "Integrated Management of Pest Control," which addressed a number of topics related to plant diseases and methods to control those diseases using the appropriate mechanisms and innovative methods.

Participants submitted a series of recommendations to chart a road map for agricultural research and the areas proposed for development of pest control methods in the emirate. Key recommendations were made for the transfer of modern applications in areas such as anti-insect palm excavators, fruit insects, pests and diseases associated with greenhouses, as well as identifying new ways to deal with Varroa Mites. The scientist also emphasised the need for research to find a strain of bees that is able to adapt to the local environment to produce honey of a high quality as an alternative to the annual import of honey from outside the country.

Al Reyaysa stated that during the Research Center field visit the scientists held a number of panel discussion sessions with the Research Center�s technical staff. The in-depth discussions addressed the problems facing the Agricultural Sector and the scientists shared ideas with the Center staff for transferring modern technological applications and research strategies in the fight against agricultural pests in the future. In addition to researching UAE-specific methods which are environmentally safe, such as biological control and biotechnology applications, participants also discussed the possibility of a joint cooperation with global research institutions in order to help implement these applications.


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