ADFCA showcase high quality dates at �SIAL Paris�
ADFCA showcase high quality dates at �SIAL Paris�
10/22/2012 12:00 AM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority �ADFCA� has announced its participation at SIAL Paris 2012, during the period 21stto 25th of October, 2012. Represented by high level delegation  of Senior ADFCA�s employees headed by H.E Mubarak Ali Al Qusaili Al Mansouri, Executive Director for Agricultural Affairs, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority; sponsored by Al Masood Travel.

Mohamed Jalal Al Reyaysa, Director of Communication and Community Service, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority said: �ADFCA�s participation will create new markets, introduce our distinctive date products & its multiple benefits, and establish relationships with international buyers whose experts in the food  industry . We are looking to create mega business opportunities for our local dates industry which is UAE strategic agricultural commodity�

�The UAE is working on enhancing its agricultural growth, specifically in the production of Date Palm trees, H.H Sheikh Zayed, the ex UAE president - God Bless his Soul �began and supervised the Date Palm production for over half a century. H.H Shiekh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, traced his father�s footsteps through duplicating the amount of palm trees in cultivated areas, fighting desertification, expanding green areas and encouraging industries involved in date production. �He added 

Al Reyaysa noted the date industry in the UAE is the largest in the region, although there is still much room for expansion, he focused on the important role dates play in the healthy life for Emiratis, in addition it symbolizes the culture and history of the local community.  Dates were the source of main food of the nomadic tribes who lived to eat dates and drink camel milk.

ADFCA�s platform at the exhibition will host number of UAE biggest dates expert companies, including Al Foah, Liwa Dates, Emirates Dates, Emirates Delight Dates Factory and Royal Dates along with  a variety of publications on ADFCA, its work mechanism and tasks assigned,  as well as on UAE dates industry. It�ll be available in Arabic, English and French, in order to educate the audience about dates and its endless benefits.

Al Foah is the largest company producing dates in the world. The Company was founded in 2005 in Al Ain; to develop the production of palm dates in the UAE. Al Foah is also a member of the General Company Holding, which owns the largest organic farms for dates in the world. It relies on the latest agricultural methods for cultivation and production of palm dates, and applies organic farming systems, in accordance with international standards to help maintain the integrity of the environment and the health of the community.

Emirates Delight Dates Factory is considered to be one of the leading date factories in the world with products distributed locally, regionally and globally. The factory collects the finest dates from countries of origin around the world and produces them by the most modern means of production and according to the highest standards of local and global quality. The factory also supplies a rate of (10%) of its products to local markets and an amount of (90%) to the regional markets and the Arab world. Emirates Delight Dates Factory is characterized by UAE as the only date factory that deals with all kinds of dates in various global brands and their products.

Royal Dates Company was established on 2003, with a local management for a national product which is a mixture of tradition and modernity. Given the extensive experience of the founders of the company's in this area and their ability to fulfill the requirements of the market and its customers, the company has launched special packages that reflect the customers� tastes and will provide them with luxurious and distinctive packaging. The UAE produces the best quality of dates through excellent taste and distinguished brands to be made available for wholesale and retail through outlets located within the UAE.

SIAL Paris is a leading global food exhibition; it focuses on the challenges facing the global food industry and other related topics. SIAL Paris 2012 is expecting 140,000 professional visitors from the food industry and 6,000 French and international exhibitors from 100 different countries.

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