Handicrafts Exhibition at ADFCA
Handicrafts Exhibition at ADFCA
5/15/2011 12:00 AM
His Excellency Rashid Mohamed Al Shariqi, ADFCA's Director General, inaugurated an exhibition of handicrafts products manufactured by local families. The families that produced the items are manufacturing them in association with the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Held by ADFCA, the inauguration of the exhibition was attended by a number senior ADFCA officials and other staff members. The Director General was briefed on the various products on display, which included traditional and modern items such as perfumes, soaps, models, accessories for newborn babies like clothes, carpets, prayer rugs and other items.

The DG expressed his appreciation for the products and the nine national families that accomplished the work. He praised the sense of occupational spirit with which they developed a cottage industry into a decent source of livelihood, thereby participating in social progress. The exhibition brought to the fore the importance of cottage industry, economic independence for women, dignity of labor, development of individual skills and artistic abilities.

The exhibition was an initiative of Auwn, the community service arm of ADFCA. It highlighted emirati identity and the constructive social and economic role the national families are playing, especially the women. Auwn organizes social programs and activities that seek to address issues that concern certain disadvantaged sections of the society such as special needs people, the elderly, the sick, orphans, prisoners and others. Auwn also pays attention to the needs of students, frequent mosque goers and such sections that deserve support.
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