Exhibitors Eye Potential Markets Through SIAL Middle East
Exhibitors Eye Potential Markets Through SIAL Middle East
11/29/2012 12:00 AM

International Exhibitors at SIAL Middle East were unanimous in their optimism that the exhibition would provide them the opportunity to expand businesses across the region, using the substantive networking opportunities the event offered.

Held under the patronage of his Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister of the UAE, Minister of Presidential Affairs and Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, the event, according to the exhibitors, is sure to facilitate their outreach to billions of consumers around the Middle East, North Africa and South and South East Asia.

SIAL Middle East Exhibition, organized by the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, has attracted 1000 companies from 52 countries to participate this year. The fact that a 50% increase in visitor turn out has been registered on day one as compared to the year before confirms the overwhelming optimism expressed by the exhibitors.  

Representatives of exhibiting companies said SIAL Middle East was a starting point for them in the region. Volkan Kekevi, a nutritional expert at the Turkish Poultry Promotion Group, a leading company in Turkey and one of the major suppliers to retail shops, said: �Our participation comes to expand the scale of our presence in the Middle East, one of our main target markets. The UAE in particular is a great market for our products and this is not our first participation in SIAL as we have previously participated in SIAL Paris. But we consider SIAL ME a good platform to reach out to markets in the region and we look forward to participate regularly in this exhibition.�  

Antonio Cuamardelli, CEO of Brazilian Beef, which is participating for the first time, stated that their participation had created new business relationships and expanded the scope of the company in the region.  He expressed the hope that participation in the exhibition would help his company strengthen its presence in the region.

Hassan Zein, Export Manager at Matouk Factories L.L.C said that his company was already talking to some potential business partners. They are currently exhibiting their new espresso coffee machines manufactured by �Martello� (their trading partners) and they are glad that their participation has enabled them to build new relationships in the region.

Shamim Sainulabideen, Product Development Manager  at LuLu Group Intl., said: �This is the third year of our participation in SIAL ME. We are primarily a UAE-based company and the exhibition is greatly strengthening our networking with all out current and potential partners. We are also getting to know international companies we may choose to do business with. SIAL ME has given us the opportunity to sign MoUs with several global companies.�

Fasahat Beg, General Manager of Agthia said: �This is the third year of our participation at SIAL ME. During our participation this year, we are launching our new product �Alpina,� Turkish mineral water and there�s no doubt that SIAL ME is a rare opportunity to communicate with different food related investors around the world, which will enhance future cooperation.�

Mohamed Jalal Al Reyaysa, Chairman of the Higher Organizing Committee for the Festival and ADFCA official spokesperson said: �The exhibition has put Abu Dhabi on the global food map for exhibitions in the food industry, attracting key players from around the globe. SIAM Middle East is a platform in which several innovative products are on display for the first time in the region. The investment dynamism that the event is creating will go a long way in boosting food trade in the UAE and improving the food security situation. This complements the work of ADFCA in areas such as food safety, agriculture and animal wealth. ADFCA is committed to providing all continuous support to SIAL Middle East in the years to come.�

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