ADFCA Briefs Food Establishments in Al Ain on the Environment, Health and Safety System
ADFCA Briefs Food Establishments in Al Ain on the Environment, Health and Safety System
6/14/2012 12:00 AM
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) held at Al Ain Rotana Hotel its second workshop for the year 2012 on implementing the Abu Dhabi Environment, Health and Safety Management System (EHSMS) for the food sector. Among those present on the occasion were Ahmed Al Amri, Manager of Al Ain branch of ADFCA and a host of senior officials and representatives of food establishments in Al Ain.

Ahmed Al Amri, who inaugurated the workshop, said that the health of human beings is not ensured just by taking care of food safety, but by also guaranteeing the safety of the environment. "It is in this context that ADFCA has been empowered to implement the EHSMS in the food sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. This is an integrated management system that takes into account all the issues related to the protection of the environment, health and safety at workplaces. It also consists of a series of measures and policies for improving performance in regard to the environment, health and safety," he explained. 

Al Amri drew attention to efforts at awareness creation by ADFCA on the EHSMS in association with its strategic partners as a preliminary step towards achieving its strategic objectives. "The EHSMS aims to put in place a uniform mechanism across the emirate to facilitate the implementation of legislations concerning the environment, health and safety for protecting human beings and the environment and conserving natural resources, in addition to fixing the responsibilities of the higher committee and the concerned authorities in the various sectors and food establishments," he pointed out.

Al Amri also revealed that a study was underway to evaluate the economic impact of the system on food establishments and to identify the benefits of the system for them. "The modalities for implementing the system have been completed. It has been divided into four phases, with the first one being preparatory and extending up to the third quarter of 2013. This will comprise data gathering on food establishments and ordering of priorities for them in regard to implementing the system," he added.

ADFCA officials explained to the attendees the various procedural and policy aspects of the implementation of the EHSMS. 

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