EFST New Photographic Exam Summary for Web-Site
EFST New Photographic Exam Summary for Web-Site
6/20/2011 12:00 AM

ADFCA is currently piloting a new �photographic examination� as part of the Essential Food Safety Training Program (EFST). This has been developed to enable food handlers with low levels of literacy to successfully attain an internationally recognised qualification. The exam retains the structure of the current EFST multiple choice questions but with photographs replacing the four written options.

The first pilot was conducted in January 2011 with the results indicating a significant improvement (20%) in pass rate. The second phase of the piloting is underway and it is anticipated that the new exam will officially be launched in July.

 This innovative ADFCA initiative is a �World First�: there is no other internationally benchmarked examination of this kind available.

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