ADFCA Distributes to Animal Breeders Feeds with High Nutritional Value
ADFCA Distributes to Animal Breeders Feeds with High Nutritional Value
12/20/2011 12:00 AM
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) is currently distributing, as part of a support plan to help animal breeders in the emirate, high quality animal feeds that guarantee a balanced nutritional intake for the animals. The feeds are distributed through the feed distribution centers in the emirate. 

The purpose of the initiative is to provide sufficient support to animal breeders through making available to them high quality animal feed. The feeds will be distributed in a way that guarantees nutritional balance for the cattle, with 20% of the supplies consisting of concentrated hay and the rest high fiber hay feeds. The feeds will be regularly sold every day as per the quantities available at the centers and in a way that ensures feed safety and effective recycling of the strategic stocks.

Saeed Jasem Mohamed, Acting Director of Communication and Community Service at ADFCA, said: "ADFCA, in accordance with the results of local research and studies, approved compound feeds and has been offering them in a phased manner since last April. The purpose is to increase the awareness of the breeder about the benefits of these types of feeds and create a new culture of feeding animals. These types of feeds will render food supplements redundant as they contain high nutritional value with sufficient minerals and vitamins. They constitute wholesome meals for the animals being bred for both private purposes and animal production. The nutritional contents found in these feeds are not available in dry feeds and hence their use results in a balanced nutritional in take for the animal wealth and strengthen their productivity. They are also suitable for camels."

High Fiber Hay is composed of rough hay with a high content of fiber. It will be available in a new form of compressed cylindrical-ROM. Ranging from 1-3 cm in length,9 mm in diameter with a dark green color with a proportion of crude protein between 6-8%.Concentrated Hay Pallets contain (Barley / maize / wheat bran / Soya Beans or sunflower / vitamins, minerals and salt.) High Fibre Hay Pallets are available in packages weighing 25 kg so they could be traded, transported, stored and fed easily. They are sold for 60 fils per KG.

As for the Concentrated Hay, it is a broad combination of materials with a good content of energy and protein. Available in a form of  a compressed cylindrical-ROM, ranging from 1-3 cm in length, 6mm in diameter with a yellow/ brown color. The proportion of crude protein is about 16%. It costs 80 fils per KG.

In addition to feed supply, ADFCA offers a wide variety of services to the animal wealth sector. Veterinary services of ADFCA are rendered through 30 clinics and hospitals located across the emirate. Guidance and consultation are also provided by the Authority to all animal breeders on the proper methods of breeding and feeding animals.

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