Lecture on a Culture of Food Safety
Lecture on a Culture of Food Safety
8/21/2011 12:00 AM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority held an awareness lecture titled 'Towards a Promising Food Culture.' The lecture, delivered by Dr. Hafiz Ibrahim at the Family Development Foundation's branch in Sweihan, was part of a series of similar lectures offered by ADFCA at the second Ramadan Forum held by Family Development Foundation in Abu Dhabi. Participation in the program was driven by the need to spread food safety awareness in the society, especially among the house wives.

Dr. Ibrahim explained the risks resulting from wrong handling of food items, ranging from shopping and the reading of food labels to the correct method of washing hands.

The audience raised several queries to the speaker, concerning cooking, storing, suitable temperatures, freezing and refrigeration, de-freezing, methods of identifying inedible foods (especially meat, poultry and fish) and other issues. The lecture was supported by visual presentations to communicate the points better.

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