ADFCA's Closure of Four Eateries in Abu Dhabi
ADFCA's Closure of Four Eateries in Abu Dhabi
7/19/2010 12:00 AM

Abu Dhabi, July 19, 2010: Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has recently closed down a restaurant located in one of the ADNOC petrol stations in Saih Shuaib. The restaurant named Qasr al Jabal and holding license No. 1019984, was closed down for flouting food safety norms.

The Field Operations Division of the Authority ordered closure of three eateries in the month of June. They are the African Refershments (license no.1034352), Food B Restaurant in Reef area (license no. 1049849) and Wahati al Faishawi (license no. 1034352). All these have been ordered to close down for flouting norms despite repeated warnings and fines.  

Qasr al Jabal Restaurant has been closed down after two final warnings and two fines during the past four months failed to produce any results. The violations at the restaurant include keeping food items open in refrigerators and freezers, preserving vegetables in unhealthy manner and not having food labels on products. Trickling of water from the roof to the ice cream freezer and the refrigerator for the eggs was also noticed, making the place all the more unhygienic.

On June 1, the Authority closed down Wahati al Faishawi on Salam Street and Food B on account of a number of serious violations, including non-compliance with the norms on head cover and uniforms for employees, keeping food items open in the refrigerators, the presence of insects and lack of sufficient training for the staff.


As for the African Refreshments, it has been closed down for not renewing the license and carrying on without statutory papers. The closure will remain valid until the papers are in order.




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